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How To Dim the Instrument Cluster

Many people complain about the glare from the instrument cluster on the OEM medium-sized windshield. One way to combat this is to reduce the brightness of the instrument cluster. The method to do this can be found in your MOM on pages 3-6 through 3-7.

The brightness can be adjusted for 3 different pieces:

  • Multi-function meter unit panel (the speedometer face)
  • LCD
  • Speedometer, tachometer, and fuel gauge needles

Select the brightness control mode as follows:

  1. Turn the key to "OFF".
  2. Push and hold the "SELECT" switch.
  3. Turn the key to "ON", and then release the "SELECT" switch after 5 seconds. Item number "1" is displayed (the multi-function meter unit panel).
  4. Adjust the multi-function meter unit panel brightness level by pushing the "RESET" switch.
  5. Push the "SELECT" switch to select the LCD (item number "2"). Adjust the brightness by pushing the "RESET" switch.
  6. Push the "SELECT" switch to select the speedometer, tachometer, and fuel gauge needles. Item number "3" is displayed. Adjust the brightness level of the by pushing the "RESET" switch.
  7. Push the "SELECT" switch. The odometer/tripmeter/clock display will return to the prior mode.

Illustrations are available in the Owner's Manual.