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How to Re-Wire the Yamaha Passing Lamps for 5W Running Lights

The OEM passing lamps contain 2 bulbs, a 35W (in the upper portion) and a 5W (in the lower portion). The default behavior is for both lights to be wired together and be on or off at the same time, using the handlebar switch on the right control. Many people have re-wired the lamps so that the 5W lamp is on all of the time as a passing lamp, and the 35W lamp is then controlled by the handlebar switch.

  • The red wire that runs from the headlamp bucket connects to the 35W socket first then to the 5W socket. Cut the wire between the two sockets being sure to leave enough on the end connected to the 5W socket to solder a new wire to and tape up the end of the cut wire that is (still) connected to the 35W socket.
  • Run a new wire from the headlamp bucket to the wire connected to the 5W socket and solder/heat shrink the connection. I would recommend picking a wire color that it is not in use in the running light/tail light circuit or in the headlamp circuit so it is readily identifiable in the future (e.g. not brown, green, red, black, blue or yellow). That wire should be routed alongside of the red wire all the way into the headlamp bucket.
  • Solder the free end of the 5W wire to the blue wire (ie Y-spliced - the blue wire is the running light in your turn signal) coming from the respective side. I would recommend making the connection near the end of the run inside the headlamp bucket to give you plenty of slack in case you need it in the future (at least I did to be on the safe side).
  • At this point, reassemble and you're done. The 5W bulbs should come on as soon as the key is turned on. The 35W should come on after you start the engine and flip the passing lamp switch on.
  • You should not have to increase the size of the fuse for the taillight/running light circuit as it has more than 1 amp of headroom and you are only adding 2 x 5W (approx. 0.84 amp). I have had no problems with it.

NOTE: Connections do not have to be soldered. Splice connectors could be used, but soldering the connections is a much better long-term method.

Reference: http://forums.delphiforums.com/starroadliner/messages?msg=10048.9