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65 Tooth Pulley Replacement

Replacing the rear pulley with a 65 tooth pulley will lower the RPM's by approximately 7%. This should result in better gas mileage and a lower cruising RPM.


  • Bought used pulley on ebay for $22.50 including shipping. OEM P/N 40315-94 This is a cast aluminum pulley and it is ugly. But it's hidden by the Strat's saddle bags so it's no big deal. Any pulley for an '84-'99 HD should work -- DO NOT GET ONE WITH RECESSED BOLT HOLES
  • Bought Dayco Panther 133 tooth belt P/N DS-197005 from phatperformanceparts.com for $139.95 with free shipping.
  • 31/64" drill bit $9.00

Installation took 2 hours using StratoFred's awsesome instructions. Here's the instructions with a few addtions:

  1. Remove saddlebags and muffler. Raise bike on lift and remove rear wheel.
  2. Swap the pulley on the wheel. Make sure you support the wheel so the brake rotor is protected while swapping pulleys. If you are using a Harley Davidson pulley, you'll need to drill out the 5 mounting holes with a 31/64' drill bit. This can be done easily with a hand drill.
  3. Remove the left passenger floor board and left saddlebag frame (if equipped).
  4. Remove the larger chrome cover over the front pulley (with the rectifier inside). The wires will still be connected to the rectifier so let it drop out of the way, but support it so it's not hanging by the wiring harness.
  5. Remove the upper chrome belt guard. You don't have to remove the plastic lower guard, but it would provide more room to get the belt on and off later.
  6. Unbolt & remove the left rear motor mount plate located just behind the pulley. There are 4 bolts, 2 through the plate into the tranny housing and 2 through the frame into the plate.
  7. Remove the chrome cover over the EXUP valve. It's the small rectangular cover on the top of the pipes. There's only one screw in the rear you have to remove. Loosen the EXUP cables to provide clearance to slide out the swingarm shaft. (EXUP will already be disconnected if using a full-exhaust replacement.)
  8. Remove the nut on the swingarm shaft and the shaft will slide out pretty easily.
  9. Lower the swing arm until there is enough clearance to work the belt out. No need to remove the shock absorber.
  10. Install the new belt & reassemble in reverse order.

DISCLAIMER: This site is not responsible for any changes to your motorcycle. Always use caution and common sense.

Reference: http://forums.delphiforums.com/starroadliner/messages?msg=7353.11