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Aftermarket Air Intake

There are currently 2 after market air intakes being manufactured.

The kit utilizes new velocity stacks and K&N air filters. Patrick Racing's website has not been updated, so the part does not appear there. However, the kit has been out for almost 2 years, with many satisfied users.

The Thunder Manufacturing kit was the first air intake system for the 'liners.

The two kits are very similar, and both use K&N air filters. The Patrick Racing HiFlo air intake appears to be the preferred system of the two, at least on the Star Stratoliner and Roadliner forum.

NOTE: With of both of these systems, you are removing the stock air box. Some riders have commented on issues with oil leaks from these systems. In all cases, it appears to be because the crankcase breather line needs to be extended further forward and up to prevent misting.

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