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Auxiliary Power Connector under Seat

There is an un-used "switched" power connector under the seat. The connector is capped, and the wire colors are red and brown. The line is switched, meaning that it is "hot" when the key is on, otherwise it is off.

This line can be used to power many devices, but here are the common uses:

  • Switched power for an expansion fuse block
  • Fuel processor
  • GPS
  • Radar Detector

A connector may be purchased to allow proper connection to this line. The connector part number is 2P090WP-MT, and is available here:

Devices can also be connected via this method:

  • Remove the connector cap
  • Push out the 2 small black caps
  • Push the wires through the small holes
  • Re-connect the 2 connectors

Source (for the connector):