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How to Change the Transfer Case Fluid

Transfer Case Oil Change 101

  1. Warm your bike up — an even better time to change it is after a ride when it is good and hot.
  2. While warm, set your bike so it is LEVEL (perhaps a 2x4 under the kickstand). It must be level.
  3. On the very bottom of the transfer case you have a drain bolt. It is a 40-Torx head and it's under the silver heat cloth by the frame rail. Pull the two zip ties out of the mount so you can have easy access to the torx bolt drain.
  4. Remove the Torx head and the copper washer and let it drain into a pan.
  5. Next up you need to remove the large Allen bolt, which is your filler hole. It will help in the draining. Let the gear oil drain for 15 minutes or until it stops dripping. When it stops dripping, re-install the torx head bolt.
  6. Locate the small 5 millimeter Allen head bolt which is approximately half way up the side cover. That's what you will use as your gauge.
  7. Then through the large fill hole you add roughly half a quart of 90 weight oil. Do not overfill – note sometimes it takes a couple of minutes for the gear oil to settle in so don’t freak out of it doesn’t come out of the Allen head hole, if after a couple of minutes no oil comes out of the Allen head hole, add a little more until it does. Once it comes out of the Allen head hole, let it run out until it stops.
  8. Then button everything up because you’re all done.

In Review

  • The drain is a T-40 torx head with copper washer - Open to get the old oil out.
  • The 5 millimeter Allen head is the oil level / overflow.
  • The large Allen head is just for filling, nothing else.