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How to Install a Digital Guard Dawg Alarm

To install a Digital Guard Dawg Alarm (, you first need to locate the starter relay, which is immediately to the rear of the main fuse box (under the rider seat on the right side). You'll need room to work, so unclip the main fuse box from the metal bracket, gently pull it up and forward.

The instructions that come with the alarm talk about a connector with 4 wires that plugs in next to the starter relay. On the 'Liner, it is a 4-wire connector, but only 3 pins are used. There are 2 blue wires connected to a single pin, a red wire to another pin, and a red wire with a yellow stripe to the final pin. It is the red wire with a yellow stripe that you will need to cut for connection to the alarm.

The instructions are relatively simple once you know which wire you need to cut/connect into. Word of warning though, be sure you connect the yellow wire on the alarm to the wire leading to the starter relay and the red wire on the alarm to the wire leading to the starter switch. If you reverse the connections, you will receive a "12" error code and the bike will _not_ start. (I found that out in pursuit of knowledge...that's my story and I'm sticking to it.)

There is enough room beneath/forward of the main fuse box for the alarm "smart relay". Mounted in that location, you need to be within approx. 5 feet of the bike for it to start. There are additional instructions on their website to extend the range if desired.

It works quite well and doesn't annoy the neighbors. When I went to move the 'Liner outside a few hours later for its weekly washing, I neglected to take the fob with me and it failed to start. Yes, there was the moment of "What the?!?" when it didn't start immediately. I'm sure there will be a few more occurrences before it sinks in that I must grab the fob in addition to the key.

NOTE: This is not the KEYLESS version, which is not as simple.