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Note - Exhaust Flange nut torque spec's:

       | Front: 14 ftlbs
       | Rear:  17 ftlbs 

There are several vendors who manufacture exhaust systems for the 'liners.

The 'liner comes with a 2-into-1 (the front and rear cylinder exhaust pipes merge into a single exit pipe) exhaust system with EXUP. According to Patrick Racing, their aftermarket air intake makes the most power with the OEM pipe.

Slip-On Exhaust (Retains the EXUP Feature)

2-into-1 Full Replacement

2-into-2 Full Replacement

NOTES: Several of the above exhausts differ between the Roadliner and Stratoliner. For example, Hard Krome makes 2 versions of the 3" Big Straight, one for the Roadliner (shorter), and one for the Stratoliner (longer).

Using a slip-on exhaust allows you to retain the EXUP valve and are fairly simple to install. The full replacement systems require complete removal of the OEM exhaust. Generally you will need new exhaust gaskets as well.

Disclaimer: Check with your local munincipality regarding the legality of the above exhaust systems. All of the full replacement systems remove your catalytic converter.