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Replacement Bulbs For Passing Lamps (Using H-D Replacements)

The OEM passing lamps contain 2 bulbs (35W and 5W). Unfortunately, Yamaha covered the rear of the bulbs in a white glue-like substance which is very difficult to remove. Other people do not like the 2-bulb look. Several people have replaced the lamp with a Harley-Davidson sealed single-bulb lamp.

H-D Part # 68208-98A


Replacing the bulb:

  1. Open the OEM passing lamp. There are 2 pairs of wires (red = hot, black = ground), one pair for each bulb.
  2. Cut the red wire going to the 5W bulb, tape off or cap. (The H-D lamp only has 1 bulb.)
  3. Do the same to the black ground wire for the 5W bulb.
  4. Connect the red wire going to the 35W bulb to the H-D red wire via splice, butt connector, solder, etc.
  5. Crimp the connector H-D supplied onto the black ground wire and plug it into the little square piece on the lens back, beside the bulb base.

Reference: http://forums.delphiforums.com/n/mb/message.asp?webtag=starroadliner&msg=7113.27