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For many years I have encouraged the use of headlight modulators on motorcycles. They are extremely effective in attracting attention in congested situations, and I can relate a number of instances where I am sure the modulator saved me from an accident.

Some will tell you that they are an irritating device and P.O. a lot of folks. I agree – sometimes!!!! I won’t get into when it’s proper to turn it on, but I will simply say to “Use it wisely”.

I purchased the Signal Dynamics Corporation’s DIAMOND STAR Headlight Modulator – with Remote Switch, which is used to disable the modulation.

NOTE: I taped the switch in the on position and coiled it’s cable up and then taped it into a bundle which I tucked into a corner next to the ignition switch. This On/Off switch is not necessary, and would only be used if a rider wanted the high beam on with NO modulation , during the daytime. It’s a very small switch, but there is no good place to mount it.

Start by removing the three Phillips screws holding the headlight bezel in place. CAREFUL – the screws are NOT a straight shot to get at so be careful. Pull the headlamp assembly forward and remove the Hi and Low beam plugs. Set the light assembly aside – don’t scratch the lens.

Remove the four button head Allen bolts mounting the panel that contains the sliding ignition key door. Carefully unplug the temperature sensor plug and set the panel aside.

Study the pictures and you will see there is a space at the rear of the headlight housing and just in front of the ignition switch. This is where I “Stuffed” the modulator.

Coming out of the modulator there are three “Groups” of wires. One black cable is the photocell assembly, which should be routed down the left side of the steering stem and placed just in front of the “Roll Over Valves”. Point the cell “Down” and secure with a tie wrap (included in the kit).

Another cable is the Micro Switch (On/Off control) which I simply coiled up and “Stuffed on the right side of the modulator. Do this AFTER you determine the on position (switch lever toward the two wires).

Three wires are left. Red, Red with white stripe, and the black. Route these into the headlight bucket through a rubber insulated hole available on the right side.

One of the pictures shows the small “Hi Beam” connector – black in color. About 5” up from the connector, I slit the sleeving holding the two wires – one black and one YELLOW. Pull the YELLOW wire out and cut it. This is the + connection for the Hi Beam lamp.

The solid RED wire from the modulator is connected to the YELLOW wire that comes FROM the HEADLIGHT SWITCH.

The RED/ WHITE stripe wire connects to the YELLOW wire that attaches to the HI Beam plug.

I used standard Auto Barrel connectors to attach both red wires to the yellow wires. This allows me to unplug the modulator and connect the two yellows back together so as to bypass the modulator – if it goes bad. See pictures of the connectors I used.

Using a “Ring” connector, attach the BLACK wire from the modulator, to one of the two bolts that mount the metal bracket at the rear of the headlight bucket.

Now clean up the wiring using tape and tie wraps. Neat and Pretty my friends.

You might also put a dab of Silicone Rubber on the photocell to keep it from vibrating. Route the cable as shown.

Use a bit of padding on the back side of the modulator to keep it off a metal projection. Stuff the modulator down into that opening and “Neaten Up” the surrounding wires.

Re-install the headlamp assembly and fire the bike up. If everything works, finish installing the upper cover. Don’t forget to reconnect the outside temperature sensor.


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