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Roadliner / Stratoliner

Star Motorcycles introduced the Roadliner and Stratoliner in late 2005 as a 2006 model. The 'liner is Star's flagship bike and contains a 113 cubic inch (1854cc) V-twin engine in an aluminum frame.

The basic specifications are available here (for the Roadliner S model):

The 'liner has won many awards and is a well-kept secret in the motorcycle world.

The 'liner is available in 7 models :

  • Roadliner (2006-2007 only)
  • Roadliner S
  • Roadliner Midnight
  • Stratoliner (2006-2007, 2009 only)
  • Stratoliner S
  • Stratoliner Midnight
  • Stratoliner Deluxe

The "S" model has extra chrome (forks and several other pieces, and polished rims), while the midnight version is blacked out with very little chrome.

The Stratoliner is a Roadliner with a detachable windshield, detachable leather hard bags, and a detachable backrest. The spring is also adjusted differently for touring.

The colors have changed slightly from 2006 to present, With some variants on decals/ stripes and color schemes, as well as the triple chrome tank stripes being replaced with a more contemporary style trim. Also note that some colors were only available in certain trim levels (for example, Charcoal and Bronze was only available on the Roadliner S).

In 2008, Star lowered the seat height by 1". This appears to have been accomplished by modifying the seat slightly.

Roadliner Colors

2006 Roadliner

  • Black Cherry

2006 Roadliner S

  • Charcoal / Bronze
  • Pearl White

2007 Roadliner

  • Cobalt Blue

2007 Roadliner S

  • Candy Red
  • Liquid Silver

2008 Roadliner S

  • Candy Red / Raven
  • Seashell

2009 Roadliner S

  • Candy Red with Flames
  • Light Gray Metallic

Stratoliner Colors

2006 Stratoliner

  • Copper

2006 Stratoliner S

  • Black Cherry / Raven
  • Liquid Silver / Metallic Silver

2007 Stratoliner

  • Cobalt Blue

2007 Stratoliner S

  • Black Cherry
  • Charcoal Silver

2008 Stratoliner S

  • Black Cherry / Charcoal Silver
  • Pearl White

2009 Stratoliner

  • Liquid Silver / Pearl White

2009 Stratoliner S

  • Black Cherry
  • Galaxy Blue