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Removing the Rear Wheel

Here's a new link from 'wrenchdr' for step-by-step removal>

Re-Installing the Rear Wheel

There is a simple trick to reinstalling the rear wheel if you took the time to remove the rear fender! With the fender out of the way you can literally roll the wheel and spacers into place while holding the brake bracket as it aligns on the tongue and groove! Another trick mentioned by some members is to temporarily hold the caliper and bracket in place with nylon tie-wraps ('zip-ties'). Also some have recommended leaving out the brake pads (to allow more wiggle room for the rotor) and then reinstalling them once the wheel is in place. Other member suggestions include leaving out the brake pads till last, (caliper held in place, w/tie wraps) and leaving out left axle spacer till wheel is in position to reinstall axle.

NOTE: Rear axle spacers go BLACK on RIGHT / WHITE(silver) on LEFT (Service Manual reference: Pg 4-24 & 4-25, item #'s 13 & 14)

Giving yourself plenty of room makes the job much easier! The extra ten minutes it takes to remove the fender is worth the time. You can speed the process by only removing the left fender rail and then removing the fender, right fender rail and right bag bracket as one piece if you have bags.

Belt Tension Adjustment Specs

Here are a few pictures for clarity!

Link for Alignment Discussion and DIY tool

and another inexpensive 'store-bought' tool:

  DIY Rear Wheel Alignment Tool

Rear Axle Nut Torque:

(from the Service Manual, pg 2-24) Rear wheel axle nut M18 1 150 Nm / 15.0 m·kg / 110 ft·lb