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How to Replace the Speedometer Glass

(some of the early model speedo bezels have had a problem with moisture infiltration in between the double glass panes.)

The speedo unit has a top section that holds the double glass with a seal, and the seal is what went bad. Replacing the entire speedometer assembly will reset your mileage. Here only the top frame and seal are replaced for $194.

Part # 1D7-8353E-00-00 CASE, METER UPPER $194.32


  1. Pull off the center dash strip by removing the three screws, unplug the three connectors and remove to a clean work area.
  2. Turn it over and you'll see three screws holding the speedo unit to the dash...remove.
  3. Now you have the meter which is white on the bottom section and black on the top frame that holds the glass.
  4. There are three rubber grommets with standoff washers in them.....push the washers out and force the rubber grommets out of their holes and set aside.
  5. There are 5 small screws that hold the upper and lower sections together.....remove them.
  6. Carefully pull the sections apart.
  7. Replace the new frame on the lower section, replace the 5 small screws, careful as they only attach to plastic so no brute force needed.
  8. Replace the rubber grommets, reinsert the standoff washers with the flat side away from the dash mounting tabs.
  9. Install the 3 screws holding the speedo to the dash, reconnect the wiring, install the dash screws and your done.