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Stainless Steel Brake Line Replacement - Single line from master cylinder

Here is the list of parts that you'll need so that you'll have a true dual set-up with only one line coming off of the master cylinder.

1 Brake T part #49-2840 the price is $11.45. You can get that from Biker's Choice 1-866-889-8644

The following parts can be ordered through JP Cycles: (4) Single bolts 10 mm X 1.25 Part #ZZ24574 @$7.99 a piece - You'll need 4 if you're going to do the clutch at the same time.

(1) Chrome pipe fitting adapter 3/8 - 24 inverted flare with a 90 and a 120 degree bend. Part #240-778 @ $14.99

(1) 3/8 -24 inverted flare 45 degree pipe fitting in chrome. Part #240-782 @ $12.99

(1) 3/8 -24 inverted flare straight fitting. These last three fittings have an AN3 fitting on the other end to accept the braided line. Part #240-759 @ $4.99

(1) 45 degree 10mm bango. Part #241-592 @ $9.99. This is for the brake master cylinder.

(2) straight 10mm bango fittings. Part #241-590 @ $8.99 a piece. These are for the calipers.

The line going from the master cylinder is Part #240-465 25" line @ $29.99

The line from the throttle side caliper to the T block is Part #240-461 15" line @ $26.99

The line for the other caliper to the T block is Part # 240-464 19" line @ $28.99

These are Russell lines with chrome end fittings. You can order these through JP Cycles also.

If you're going to do the work yourself, you'll need a brake bleeder. The one that I bought was only $24 from a small bike repair shop in my area. It was the last one on his shelf. The only other bleeder that I've seen is the one offered through JP Cycles. The part number is #910-796. Unfortunately the price on that one is $56.99 but it is a much better bleeder kit than what I have for $24. If I had to do it again, I'd buy the better one from JP Cycles.

As far as the throttle and clutch lines, I ordered them through The part numbers are STR-1D748-10-SD for the throttle lines and the price is $65.21. The clutch set up is $44.96 and the part number is STR-1D748-20SD. If you haven't purchased anything from them yet, you'll be happy to find out that they sell all Yamaha parts at 20% off and there is no sales tax if you live out of the State of Washington.

You'll notice in the pictures under the triple tree that on the right side of the brake T fitting there is a bolt sticking out. That bolt originally went into the stock T block. What I did is used the shorter bolt from the right side that held the hose clamp to attach the new T block and I have to get a shorter bolt to use for that hose clamp that you can still use when you change the lines.

Hope I've covered everything for you. Feel free to ask any questions.

I'll try to include the pictures in the next post. Glazguy