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Saddle Bags & Locks

The Stratoliner comes with quick release leather covered hard bags. The Roadliner does not come with bags. Several after-market bags are available.

  • Corbin Fleetliner - - These bags match the 'liner closely and hug the fenders. They hold a huge amount, but are very expensive ($1699 - $1899.
    • Generation 1 - Could not be used with OEM backrest.
    • Generation 2 - Added support for OEM backrest, added a bracket at the base of the fender to help hold the bags.
    • Generation 3 - Re-engineered the locking mechanism to prevent water-leaks (which makes the opening smaller) and re-shaped the bags to keep from hitting the pulley

NOTE: There have been a lot of complaints about Corbin's customer service and their quality control. Many people say that their bags have poor finish (paint bubbles, etc), and there are complaints of the bags rubbing against the fender / pulley / swing arm. One person has even had their right-side bag melt from the exhaust (and Corbin installed the bags themselves).

  • Tsukayu - - Strong and Jumbo Strong bags
    • These bags must be drilled to mount them to the bike.

Various other soft saddlebags may work with the 'liners.