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Some Roadliner / Stratoliner owner's have encountered an issue with stalling.

The FXstein's procedure has generally been considered a kind of 'Band-aid fix' by the more senior members of the Stratoliner/ Roadlilner forum, (at least for the stalling issue)and does not directly address the the most probable cause although it is still included as it has helped some with decel popping, and has useful information.

For more directly related Cause & Effect discussions see Known Liner Problems, Fuel Pump also Stalling / fault code 37

as well as How to Perform the CO Mod (Richen the stock ECU - Popping Issues)

Below is a link to FXstein's blog which describes the issue, why it is happening, and one method to resolve it. Note that this requires the use a Power Commander fuel controller. MANY who've experienced the popping issues have found they they did indeed have an exhaust leak and were chasing their tails trying all the other possible fixes involving fuel controllers, CO mod, etc. It is highly recommended that you trouble shoot your problem to the fullest extent you can toward resolving the problem in stock ECU config before your start adding band-aid fixes to compound your problems. And be absolutely certain that you DO NOT HAVE AN EXHAUST LEAK! DON'T MAKE SOMEONE REPEAT THAT TO YOU LATER IN THE FORUMS! Once you've reached a point that you are satisfied that you've gone as far as you can in stock ECU configuration, toward resolving your popping problems, then and only then, is it advisable to start trying the add-ons, etc. USE YOUR OWN JUDGEMENT!