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How to Install The Yamaha Touring Bars

(Yamaha Touring Bars Part#:1D7-26111-10-00 )

The following links to a document Posted by Jimmy Dee on MotorCycleForums.Net

Reference Discussion:

Comparison Pix of Stock, Touring, Flanders:

Narrowed mirror view

After switching to the narrower Touring Bars, Some have experienced narrowing of the view in the mirrors, blocked partially by their own arms or shoulders. The following is a link to an Emgo Brand inexpensive, aftermarket mirror with longer stems; Also Emgo part #20-86831, & 20-86832:

And a couple reference discussions and installation examples for Touring Bars:

Reference discussion new touring Bars Part number for OEM touring Bars :

Brivan's Hanging Bars 'Suspension' method

Links to Risers Available for the Liners:

Rivco -

Baron's -

Aeromach -