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Tire size conversion Calculator

This link to the size conversion calculator, is a very handy tool for many different calculations when going to sizes other than OEM. Of special significance is the Speedometer Difference Calculations chart.


- Front Rim Size: 4.00x18 | Rear Rim Size: 5.50x17 -

Michelin Commander II (by general forums consensus) Is the latest best fit and wearing tire for the liner. It is available for the rear in Radial size 200 /55 /17 (not the OEM recommended size -but very close)

Front availability is another matter, as the Cmdr II is only available in a Bias tire in our front size of 130 / 70 / 18 (see link below for mixing radial /bias types)

Pilot Activ Note: there has been a report out of Australia of bad Pilot Activs Made in South America (just check where yours was made), Shouldn't be a cause for alarm as few if any have turned up in the States. Here's the posts> 29039.3 29039.1

The traditional alternative, for staying Michelin both Fr/Rr, is to use a Pilot Activ rear tire (also Bias) in front, size 130 / 70 /18 (also, some have used 130 / 80 / 18 - with no clearance issues). Some reverse the arrow when mounting rear tires on the front, but others consider this practice to be unnecessary with modern radial construction. Mainly the thought is that the rear on front has greater tread and longer lifespan.

Reversing Directional Arrows with a 'rear tire on front' discussion and article link

 If you do a search through the tire section of the forum for 'Michelin', 

will bring up many relevant threads.

The following are links to Michelin Commander II discussions:
-Michelin Commander II early Discussion
-Pilot Activ Rear on Front Discussion
-Pilot Activ 130/80/17 on Front Discussion
-Pilot Activ 130/80/17 on Front Photos

-ComdrII and Tire Pressure Discussion

 Cobras: AV71 Front Tire Size: 130/70/R18 | AV72 Rear Tire Size: 200/55/R17 12790.1 
 Venom R: AM41 Front Tire Size: 130/70/R18 | 
 D251(OE Reccommend): Front Tire Size: 130/70R18, PSI/Loaded: 36 | Rear Tire Size: 190/60R17,
PSI/Loaded: 41
 Elite III: Front Tire Size: 130/70HR18, 130/70HB18 | Rear Tire Size:
 D407: Rear: 200/55/17 Tire made by Dunlop for H-D. It even has their logo in the tread pattern.
They make a rear that will fit. 12892.33
 D402F: For the front. 12892.33
 G851: Front Tire Size: 130/70HR18M/C, PSI/42 | G850: Rear Tire Size: 190/60HR17M/C, PSI/42  
  • Metzler: Metzler does NOT make a proper tire for the rear. Although their website and representatives say it will work, we do not recommend the use of their tire. Most members have received 3k-5k miles on it because it is made of very soft compounds for extreme traction.
    and More Mix & Match discussion

Vee Rubber White Wall Tires

FYI: Link To Darkside (Car Tire)Info


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